Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cleanup Answers for Pet Stains and Odors

by Phyllis Wasserman

Do you love your pets but not the messes they make? Well here are a few simple, helpful tips that will make you and your pets happy.


If your dog or cat uses your furniture to spray urine on, chances are they will go back and do it again (in the same spot)! To stop them from doing this, buy a black light(sold in pet stores) to find the old stains and then clean them thoroughly and get rid of all the old smells and stains.

Use something that is enzyme based. Like Nature's Mirale Stain and Odor Remover ($7.99). This product doesn't just cover up the odor it breaks it down and removes the smell. It works on rugs, floors, furniture and even clothing.

To make sure your puppy does not do this, be sure he is trained. And male cats won't do this if they are neutered early, at about 6-7 months old.

When housebreaking your puppy always take him out often-- about every 2 hours- until he goes in the street. When he gets the hang of it, give him a nice puppy reward.

Any stain that sits will be harder to remove. Always try to get it when it is wet. Blot it so it won't spread.

When using a new stain removal product, always test it on a small area that does not show.


When your cat or dog sits on the sofa, does he leave you some hair?
The best way to remove this is with a sticky roller. Evercare makes the large surface Pet Hair Pic-Up ($9.99) which can clean a large surface quickly. It even has a telescoping handle. You can use this on your rugs, too.
For small jobs, like your clothing, try the Evercare Washable Lint Pic-Up ($4.99). This one never needs a refill. Just rinse it and let it air dry.

Remember all your pets shed some hair during the year. So a good grooming brush will help you a lot. Start grooming your pets early in their life. This way they get used to it and won't fight you. A daily brushing is a must.


If you want to be sure your house smells fresh use some Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator ($4.99).
Spray it on the couch or beddding. Be sure it is dry before you let them on it. It will get rid of all odors, and leave a light pleasant scent.

If the litter box is a problem, you can sprinkle it with baking soda. You can also try Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment ($7.99). There are new litters available that really kill the odors. Try Citra-Max Fresh Cat Litter. It is made from citrus peel. It really works. And it is sold in 8 pound bags for about $6.99. But always clean it out daily and change it often. This will ensure that the cats use it and not go anywhere they shouldn't.

The more you bathe your dog the fresher your home will smell. And if anyone visits who is allergic, they will sneeze less.

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