Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Winter Vests

At Lucy's Dog House we just added a bunch of new items, well three to be exact.

The first is the Cloudburst Dog Vest from West Paw Design.

They come in a couple of different colors and six different sizes.

What is really great about the Cloudburst Dog Vest, is that is keeps your dog warm and dry in bad weather and it does it in a smart manner.  Uses a few different layers made from recycled fibers.  No new oil based materials like plastic or nylon go into the making of these vests.

One of the challenging things about winter is that, well it gets cold making it harder for your pet to get the exercise they need.  With one of these vests you will feel much better about taking your dog outside for longer periods of time.

Super comfortable to wear and a breeze to put on.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unique Dog Beds

Lucy's Dog House has a wide variety of dog beds to choose from.  One line of beds we carry is truly unique and I am pretty sure you will not find them in your local brick and mortar store.  It is possible but highly unlikely.

They are have some really great and different designs.  One of my favorites is the tire dog bed pictured here:

It looks exactly like a used tire.  You can get more information on it here:  dog tire bed 

They are big beds for each category and nice and thick too, for a comfortable nights sleep for your pup.