Sunday, December 5, 2010

Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Lucy's Dog House

Every month Lucy's Dog House has a best photo and story contest.  We take the best photos and stories about peoples dogs and put them on our facebook page and let people vote.  Whoever has the most votes at the end of the month is the winner.  

The story can be anything about your dog, how they came into your life, something funny that they do or did, how they ran for help when you fell into a mine....   

We are now taking contestants for December. Send us your dog's photo and story and you will be entered into the our Photo and Story Contest for the month of December. The photo and story that receives the most votes for December here on the Lucy's Dog House Facebook page wins a $50 gift certificate. 

Plus, anyone that enters gets a 20 percent off coupon that is good for an entire year.

Send your entries to 

All the best,


Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Day to Receive a $15 Gift Certificate for Every $75 You Spend

Happy Holidays from the folks at Lucy's Dog House. 

Just as a reminder, today is the last day to take advantage of our Thanksgiving Weekend Event.  For every $75 you spend you will get a $15 dollar gift certificate on 01 Dec10. 

We have tons of comfortable dog beds, beautiful collars, fun toys and tasty treats for the dog's in your life.  

Stop By Today!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Earn a $15 Gift Certificate for every $75 you spend

Hi everyone,

We are offering a $15 gift certificate for every $75 you spend from now until Monday.

The gift certificates will be sent out on 01 Dec. Does not include the cost of shipping, since we ship all orders to the US and Canada over $50 for free, that should not be a major factor.

We also have 5% off most everything in the store.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

The Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy is an awesome interactive, puzzle dog toy for your dog.  They can spend hours investigating this toy and pulling out the plush squirrel dog toys contained within the larger dog toy.  These type of toys help dogs develop their problem solving ability.  Keeps dogs from getting bored.

The Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy comes in three great sizes: junior, large and jumbo

The junior is perfect for small and toy breeds.  The log itself is about 5" and the three squirrels are 3" big.
Junior Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

The large is perfect for medium and large dog breeds.  The log is is about 6" high and the 3 squirrels are 4" long. 
Large Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

The jumbo is perfect for large and giant sized dogs.  The log is 9" high and the squirrels are 5-6" long. 
Jumbo Hide a Squirrel Dog Toy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Puppy Protecton of Palm Beach

I ran across this really great dog rescue the other day.  Actually one of the folks involved with the rescue placed another order the other day and we got to talking.  They do awesome work and every week talk all of the dogs out of high kill animal shelters the day before the dogs are scheduled to be put down.  They have a 20 acre farm where they rehab the injured dogs.  Great work, so we made them the rescue of the month this month.  Anytime you use the coupon code: puppyprotection you get 5% off of your order and they get 10% of the value of your order.  Plus we ship any orders over $50 for free. 

We also set up a page at Lucys Dog House.  Here it is:

The Bumi Dog Toy

We have recently added the Bumi, a great interactive dog toy, that can be used a tug of war toy, a fetch toy or in the water, because it floats.  It is made from zogoflex which is durable and strong but flexible so it will not hurt your dog's mouth.  If your dog destroys one of these we will replace it once. 

Check them out at Bumi Dog Toy

The smalls are $9.99 which measure about 8" in length when stretched out and the larges are $13.49 and they measure 10 inches in length.  The Bumi is made in America. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Veteran's Day Sale

As a veteran owned business we would like honor of all of our veterans out there by having a 10 percent off store wide sale.  Simply use the coupon code:  facebook10 and you will receive 10 percent off of your order. 

Pictured above is Lucy and Kona on their Plum Extra Large Original Dog Bed from Big Shrimpy.  They both love it as it is really thick and cushiony.  Plus it is big enoguh for both of them to fit on. Since we ship all orders above $50.00 for free most of our beds ship for free.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Heart Breaker Dog Collar

This is Lucy's new dog collar.  She has been needing a new collar for a while now and we wanted to get her a great new collar.  This is Heartbreaker and it is pretty awesome.  Made from latigo leather it is one of the finest dog collars available on the market.  You can see more at Heart Breaker Dog Collar.  They run about $80.00 and they are worth every penny.  

October Dog of the Month Winner

Congrats to Revy and her proud owner for receiving the most amount of votes on the Lucy's Dog House Facebook page.   Revy and Leah won a $50.00 gift certificate to Lucy's Dog House.  Click here to read more about Revy, it really is a great story.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hi everyone, this is the last chance to enter for the November Picture and Story of the Month Contest. Just for entering you get a 20 percent off coupon and stand a chance to win a 50 dollar gift certificate.

Sned us an email at with your story and picture. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuckered Out Dog Bed

This is the Tuckered Out Dog Bed is available in five sizes, Small through Extra Large.  It is made in America and has the perfect comgination of style, durability and comfort.  Check it out today at extra large dog beds

Berber Bat Dog Toy

The Berber Bat is a perfect dog toy for Halloween.  It is a bigger toy with a 13 inch wing span and a tough squeaker in each wing.  Made in America this is a great dog toy. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brake Fast Dog Bowl

The Brake-fast® dog food bowl's patent pending design prevents your dog from bolting their food. The simple obstructions make dogs slow down to eat.

Helps reduce the risk of Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or 'Bloat')

Slower eating makes an animal feel more full and reduces instances of 're-eating'

Veterinarian tested and recommended

Works with kibble or canned food

Elegant, no-tip shape

Durable, dishwasher plastic

5-cup Medium size

Find out more about a the Brake Fast Dog Bowl

Saturday, October 16, 2010

FREE Pet Alert Decals For Every Customer

For the rest of the month, at Lucy's Dog House we are giving away a free Pet Alert Decal with every order.  It is a $4.99 value and it could save your pet's life in an emergency.  There are two decals per pack and you place them on the windows of your house and they let rescue workers know that there is a pet in the house in an emergency.  Often times pets will go and hide when there is a crisis in a house.  The loud noises, unusual smells, etc.  cause pets to go off and hide where they are easily missed by rescue workers.  These decals give a very noticeable reminder to people coming into your house.

A secondary benefit is these decals also let potential criminals know that there is an animal in the house causing them to potentially seek an easier target.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Callie Leather Dog Collar

Here is the Callie.  It is a custom made leather dog collar that can be made in either brown or black leather.

This 1" wide brown collar combines silver and brass studs to create a fun daisy pattern. Beautiful design with the toughness of leather. This is a lifetime collar for your dog if you wnat it to be.

Collars are based on actual neck size, not collar length. For instance, if you have a dog with a 17" neck, you'd order a 16"-18" collar. Just use a cloth measuring tape and measure around where your dog normally wears their collar (no slack, and be careful not to choke them).  This collar can be made from 12" all the way to 24" perfect for a large variety of dogs. 

Check it out here Callie Dog Collar

The Callie is just one of the many custom  leather dog collars that are available at Lucy's Dog House.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hi everyone,

This month we are trying to help out Great Dane Rescue of North Texas. When anyone uses the coupon code: gdrnt we will donate 15% of the purchase price plus you get free shipping on your order.

Recently we have added a lot of new items to the store including bed from Big shrimpy, dog collars from Dublin Dogs, toys from West Paw Design and treats from Zukes. All great companies that make great, high quality products.

Stop by today and check us out and help us raise money for the Great Dane Rescue of North Texas.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Berber Bat Plush Dog Toy

Berber Bat is sure to scare up some fun this Halloween. Thick berber fabric, 2 robust squeakers(one in each wing) and recycled fiber fill make this unique handcrafted dog toy a perfect treat. Measures 10". Cauldron born in the USA. Eye of newt not included

Check it out Plush Bat Dog Toy

Check out our other Holiday Dog Toys

Giant Red Pandas At The National Zoo

Here is a quick video I took at the National Zoo yesterday.  The National Zoo in Washington DC has a really great red panda exhibit. 

If you have never been to the National Zoo I highly recommend going.  It is free to get in but you do have to pay for parking.  I am pretty sure you can get parking somewhere close and then walk.  It being free and completely open without any gates is interesting.  It was pretty wild, people were just running through the zoo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Dublin Dog Collars At Lucy's Dog House

We have added a total of 7 new designs.  Check all of the new designs at our Dublin Dog Collars page. 
As always at least 5% of all of our profits go to dog rescues and charities every month.   

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Every Dog Has It's Month Contest

Hi Everyone,

At Lucy's Dog House we are running a contest, Every Dog Has Its Month. It's a great contest where you simply submit a picture and a story about your dog. You get a 20 percent off coupon just for sending in your entry. The picture and story that get the most votes wins a 50 dollar gift certificate to Lucy's Dog House.
We are currently accepting entries for October's contest. Please submit your entries to

All the best,


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Very Berry dog treats from Zukes are an awesome cobination of some of the best things for your dog.  They have Organic Ground Oats, Organic Ground Barley, Blueberries, Cranberries, Potatoes, Oat Fiber, Organic Blackstrap Molasses, Oil Blend (sunflower, olive and canola), Beets, Raspberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Natural Vegetable Flavors.  So they are not your typical dog treat and are a nice change of pace for you dog.  Perfect for older dogs that should not be eating too much protein.  These dog treats from Zukes also pack a pretty serious anti oxident punch for your dog.  Lucy and Kona love them and can not get enough of them. 

Check them out as Very Berry Dog Treats 

Check out our entire selection of Zuke Dog Treats

For all sorts of other great dog supplies stop by Lucy's Dog House today.   

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Shipping on all Orders

For a limited time only Lucy's Dog House is offering Free Shipping on all orders over $25.00 for orders within the US or Canada. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Catalina Dog Bed

The Catalina Dog Bed is perfect for those dogs that like to curl up when they sleep.  When sizing your dog for a bed it is important to figure out how they normally sleep.  Do they curl up when they sleep or do they lie flat?  Figuring that out will enable you to get a dog bed that is better suited to your dog.  A dog bed like this Catalina dog bed will really let them curl up and have the dog bed kind of form around them creating a secure cave like environment for your dog.  For some dogs that makes for a very comfortable resting and sleeping place.

Check out the Catalina Dog Bed or many of our other Big Shrimpy Dog Beds when you get the chance.  They really are a great brand of beds made right here in America from recycled materials.

All the best,

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Great Dane at the Bubbler

How silly is this. I was cruising around You Tube and found this great looking dane getting a drink of water. Pretty awesome video.

All the best,


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Camo Couture Dog Collar

Recently we added the entire line of Dubline Dog Collars at Lucy's Dog House.  These collars are really awesome.  Not only are they great looking but they are super strong and durable.  Made from a composite material they are completely water and stink proof.  Tested to hold weights up to seven times your dog's weight, they are a great collar. 

Camo Couture Dog Collar

Check out the rest of the Dublin Dog Collars at Lucy's Dog House

All The Best,

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lucy's Deal of The Day

If you have stopped by the site in the last couple of days, you might have noticed our Daily Deal Bar. Every day we change the deal. Some days it is a deep discount on a great product, other days we are giving free stuff away, and other days well, that is surprise and something to look forward to. so stop by as often as you care to and catch some great deals.

Catch us on either Facebook or Twitter and get the daily deal sent right to you.

Lucy's Dog House is now on Facebook Lucy's Dog House on Facebook

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Lucy's Hot Deal of The Day

Today's Deal of the Day is 30% off a Kong Toy. 
Use the coupon code : Kong 
Receive 30% off your Kong. 

Good Only Today 29 Aug 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cure for the Common Collar...

available at Lucy's Dog House!

Featuring 5 collections, over 75 styles and sizes ranging from
XS for your tiny Terrier to
XL for your super-size St. Bernard!

Why choose a Flying Dog collar?

These collars and leads offer more than just fantastic style, they are hand made, using only the finest and most durable materials. Release Buckles constructed of cast aluminum (available polished or brushed) or sturdy plastic, nickle-plated heavy duty welded steel d-ring and the insurance that all stress points are triple stitched with strong polyester thread set Flying Dog apart from the rest!

Impeccable style, phenomonal construction and unbeatable prices is what really makes Flying Dog the only "cure for the common collar"!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Here is another great product we have added lately. It is the Black Eyed Susan Daily Daze Dog Collar from Dublin Dog Collars

What makes these collars different is that they are made from a tough rubber material that is super strong, durable and completely water proof. They can not absorb water or odors, so these collars are perfect all year round or for dogs that are pretty adventurous or just go to the dog park a lot.

Check out all of other great Dog Supplies at Lucy's Dog House.

New Zuke's At Lucy's Dog House

Zukes Z-Ridge® Medium Dental Bone with Cranberry - for dogs 26-80 lbs. Fight nasty doggy breath with Zukes Z-Ridge edible dental dog chew bones. Zukes Z Ridge bones have an exclusive ridged surface to scrape and polish your dog's teeth while he chews. Naturally powerful chlorophyll, found in the dark specks and streaks of alfalfa concentrate, freshens breath and body from the inside during digestion. Z-Ridge dog bones are more than just a healthy daily treat.

For other great Zukes products click here: Zukes

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lucy On Her Big Shrimpy Dog Bed

Her is a picture of Lucy on her Big Shrimpy Bed. It is this dog bed right here Original Big Shrimpy Dog Bed She loves it and spends the better part of her day sleeping on it. We got her the Extra Large and you can see for yourself she has lots and lots of room left for moving around, getting in that really comfortable position, etc...

New Dog Beds At Lucy's Dog House

We have just added two new lines of dog beds at Lucy's Dog House over the last few weeks.

One is the Big Shrimpy Dog Bed Line. We are huge fans of it. In fact Lucy's Bed is a Big Shrimpy Dog bed. They are really awesome thick beds that give Lucy a lot of support. She loves it. Kona loves it too as it is big enough for both of them to crash on it. Lucy is 110 lbs and Kona is about 50 lbs so that is a lot of dog bed.

big shrimpy dog beds

They really are a great dog bed. At Lucy's Dog House you only pay $4.99 for shipping up to $100. Anything over $100 is free. That is deal that is hard to beat.

Big Shrimpy Dog Beds are a great choice for all dogs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

50% Off Dog Collars and Toys

Inventory clearance sale at Lucy's Dog House. Save up to 50% on a wide variety of dog collars and dog toys.

$4.99 Flat Rate Shipping on all order inside the United States and Canada. Any order over $100 the shipping is free.

Stop by today and save on high quality collars and toys.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Clearance Sale at Lucy's Dog House

We have a great things that we need to move to mae room for all of the new items coming in. Stop by our to check them out. We are offering as much as 50% off some items.