Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 Tips to Consider When You Walk a Dog

by Jeff Schuman

When people go to walk a dog, they don’t consider the various obstacles that may stop them from having a pleasant walk. There are several things that can ruin a walk, but if you plan ahead of time and consider these tips it will be relaxing to walk a dog.

Tip 1: Training dog to walk on a leash

It is important that the when you walk a dog, they have been trained or are comfortable walking on a leash. Training dogs to walk on a leash is very simple because most are eager to just get outside and explore.

Tip 2: How many walks a day?

If you walk a dog a couple times a day for a half hour, they will get the energy out of them and go to the bathroom. You can turn it into a one hour ordeal, but splitting it up into morning and afternoon or early night walks allows them to get their energy out at different times of the day rather than all at once.

Tip 3: Social skills for the dog

When you walk a dog you have to remember that a walk is a social experience for them in a sense. Depending on the dog’s obedience, allow them to greet other people and other dogs to build relationships. This will help their self-esteem and better their mood.

Tip 4: Restrict the dog

As mentioned in the previous tip, it is important to let them greet others and explore. However, it is important to restrict the dog to a point and maintain some kind of authority over it. You don’t want the dog to be wandering onto other people’s yards or running wild, so that is why training dogs to walk on a leash is important.

Tip 5: Cleaning poop

To clean up after your dog, it is important to remember to bring a plastic bag or some kind of pooper-scooper.

Tip 6: Vary the walks

As mentioned earlier, when you walk a dog it is the highlight of their day. By varying the route you take, this allows the dog to venture new surroundings and keeps them interested to explore new habitats.

Tip 7: Practice obedience skills

Walking a dog is fun for them, but you can also use it as a time to practice some of their obedience skills. Reviewing the basic skills allows them to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. You want to be careful NOT to turn it into strictly an obedience time for them though, because it is there most enjoyable time of the day.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bloat and Dogs

Bloat, also known as gastric dilatation, is a condition in dogs that can kill the dog in a matter of hours. Unlike in human where the person simply sits down and relaxes for a little while after feeling bloated and it will go away, when there is a bloat in a dog, it could literally kill your dog. When a dog is suffering from bloat, it means that its stomach is distended. This is sometimes followed by the stomach getting twisted. If the stomach gets twisted, the food substances in the stomach will get trapped while the gas volume continues to increase.

This is dangerous in that as the gas volume continues to increase, it can literally press against blood veins and arteries inhibiting the flow of blood. If this is not stopped on time, the dog will get less blood in its brain causing the brain to shut down and the dog to go into shock. With consistent swelling, the spleen will get affected resulting in it being dislodged from its normal position. This has been known to both twist the spleen and stop the flow of blood completely. With increased gas pressure and lack of blood flow on the stomach walls, the areas that tighten in the stomach pack up and die.

Everything that was just described in the first paragraph can happen in a matter of minutes depending on the severity of the bloating. So what are the signs and symptoms one should look for in a dog so as to quickly detect if the dog is having a bloat? The signs are many. This is coupled with the fact that the symptoms can vary in different dogs. For example, five dogs may be having a bloat in the same compound and all the symptoms would look different from each other.

Some of the more common symptoms in a bloat are panting, pacing forwards and backwards, agitation, drooling, foaming at the mouth, difficulty walking, anxiety, discomfort, retching, inability to lie on its side, stomach distension and restlessness. The stomach in this case usually appears abnormally huge in size –more like when a dog has swallowed a basket ball or two- and is hard to the touch. Other obvious symptoms are pale gums bordering on grey or ash, weak pulse rate and a fast heart beat. If you notice symptoms of bloat in your dog you must consult your vet immediately. If the pressure is not released it can, as already described, be fatal for your dog.

The causes of bloating in a dog can be prevented. Some of the preventive methods are making your dog eat calmly; not by gulping or snorting its food, and avoid stress as much as possible. Whether the stress is in the form of boarding stress or stress of travel it could potentially be harmful around meal time. Avoid giving your dog too much bread and by not mixing soy with its diet – while this has not been proven yet; some breeders and dog owners have noticed their dog developing bloat after a meal mixed with soy. Keeping your dog calm immediately after eating is also an excellent way to prevent bloat from occurring. It is challenging as many dogs including mine get very excited around meal time and that translates into playful excitement after the meal as well.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cleanup Answers for Pet Stains and Odors

by Phyllis Wasserman

Do you love your pets but not the messes they make? Well here are a few simple, helpful tips that will make you and your pets happy.


If your dog or cat uses your furniture to spray urine on, chances are they will go back and do it again (in the same spot)! To stop them from doing this, buy a black light(sold in pet stores) to find the old stains and then clean them thoroughly and get rid of all the old smells and stains.

Use something that is enzyme based. Like Nature's Mirale Stain and Odor Remover ($7.99). This product doesn't just cover up the odor it breaks it down and removes the smell. It works on rugs, floors, furniture and even clothing.

To make sure your puppy does not do this, be sure he is trained. And male cats won't do this if they are neutered early, at about 6-7 months old.

When housebreaking your puppy always take him out often-- about every 2 hours- until he goes in the street. When he gets the hang of it, give him a nice puppy reward.

Any stain that sits will be harder to remove. Always try to get it when it is wet. Blot it so it won't spread.

When using a new stain removal product, always test it on a small area that does not show.


When your cat or dog sits on the sofa, does he leave you some hair?
The best way to remove this is with a sticky roller. Evercare makes the large surface Pet Hair Pic-Up ($9.99) which can clean a large surface quickly. It even has a telescoping handle. You can use this on your rugs, too.
For small jobs, like your clothing, try the Evercare Washable Lint Pic-Up ($4.99). This one never needs a refill. Just rinse it and let it air dry.

Remember all your pets shed some hair during the year. So a good grooming brush will help you a lot. Start grooming your pets early in their life. This way they get used to it and won't fight you. A daily brushing is a must.


If you want to be sure your house smells fresh use some Febreeze Pet Odor Eliminator ($4.99).
Spray it on the couch or beddding. Be sure it is dry before you let them on it. It will get rid of all odors, and leave a light pleasant scent.

If the litter box is a problem, you can sprinkle it with baking soda. You can also try Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment ($7.99). There are new litters available that really kill the odors. Try Citra-Max Fresh Cat Litter. It is made from citrus peel. It really works. And it is sold in 8 pound bags for about $6.99. But always clean it out daily and change it often. This will ensure that the cats use it and not go anywhere they shouldn't.

The more you bathe your dog the fresher your home will smell. And if anyone visits who is allergic, they will sneeze less.

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