Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Little Bit About The Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is known in its native land as Picooli Levrieri Italiani. It is an ancient breed that looks like a miniature version of the Greyhound with all the talents of the bigger Greyhound.

The ancestors of the Italian Greyhound probably came from Egypt, Turkey and Greece, where they later found favor with medieval European royalty. The Italian Greyhound became popular in southern Europe, especially in Italy, during the sixteenth century and eventually won the hearts of queens and princesses throughout Europe. This tin, personable miniaturization of the Greyhound probably was bred purposely as a lady’s companion but later gained a reputation for having sufficient speed, endurance, and determination for coursing small game.

The Italian Greyhound loves to run in pursuit of small game or just for the fun of it. Exercise requirements can be met by long walks, backyard games and play.

Current function of the Italian Greyhound is mainly just as a classic companion pet, although the Italian Greyhound has sporting qualities. He is equally at home in the comfort of apartment living and a soft bed as he is seen speeding across a yard or field in pursuit of imaginary or real game.

The Italian Greyhound has virtually no fat insulation on its body which does make him a little more sensitive cold. His tiny size and scant, slick coat does not help in this area, but also adds to this dog’s sensitivity to the cold. He probably is best kept in warmer climates.

The Italian Greyhound is affectionate, cheerful and intelligent. Avoid rowdy dogs and children when housing the Italian Greyhound. Older children should be taught not to try and carry around the Italian Greyhound. He is definitely not a pocket puppy breed, or one that enjoys being carried around. He is not known as a watchdog, although the bark of this breed sounds like a much larger dog. The Italian Greyhound is often timid around strangers. When properly introduced to visitors the Italian Greyhound warms up quickly.

The Italian Greyhound has an elegant beauty that pleases the eyes of those who meet this charming little dog. He stands about 13 inches tall and weighs about 8 pounds. He is quite similar to the Greyhound only smaller. The Italian Greyhound has a single coat that is fine and lies flat. It is seen in almost every color pattern and hue much like the Greyhound.


As you might guess grooming requirements of the Italian Greyhound are quite minimal. The coat is easily taken care of by regular, daily attention with velvet pad or a piece of silk. Equipment needed is a hound glove, velvet glove or pad. Bathe this breed in a good-quality protein shampoo. Use a purifying shampoo and mask on occasions or a condition to enhance the gleam of the coat.

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