Saturday, March 15, 2008

About us

Hi there, welcome to Lucy's Dog House. We are for the person that is not finding everything they need for their pet in a big box pet store but is not quite ready to step into your average dog boutique. We carry a variety of high quality products for your four legged family member from high quality dog beds, dog bowls, dog collars, leads, dog toys, treats and much, much more. Most of the products that you find here are from small to mid size companies. So by purchasing products from me you are supporting small business at a few different points in the supply chain. Well, that is what we carry, what is Lucy's Dog House all about? Lucy's Dog House gives new meaning to the words, small business. It is great being able to control every aspect of the business to ensure quality control. I guess you really never have to worry about someone not showing up for work. However it does make for some busy days and it makes it really hard to delegate tasks when there is no one to delegate them to.

Lucy my Great Dane and the namesake of the store was adopted from Indian Dane Rescue in San Diego. As a direct result of Lucy being a rescue, at Lucy's Dog House we donate a percentage of our total sales to six different great dane rescues. Every month we sponsor a different one and by using the coupon code: rescue 15% of your purchase goes to the rescue for the month.

Pictured above is Lucy and her little sister Kona, a slightly crazy chocolate lab. The are looking a little tired after testing out a bunch of dog toys for me.

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