Sunday, February 8, 2009

Smiley the Dog

Here is a story I found online today. I am not a big supporter of criminal activity but it seems like someone might have done the right thing for this particular dog. Hopefully Smiley is in a good home getting the proper training to get him to he is not so aggresive.

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By Staff
updated 5:17 p.m. CT, Sun., Feb. 8, 2009

COUPEVILLE, Wash. – A dog at the center of a legal battle that will decide if he lives or dies has disappeared

Smiley was taken last night from an animal shelter on Whidbey Island.

Shelter manager Shari Bibich said someone broke through fencing into the kennel. She said all that was left was some sausage in the cage.

Smiley has spent nearly two years in an animal shelter awaiting an injection that would end his life. Two former shelter volunteers have fought to save him.

"We don't need Smiley to come to our home," Plaintiff Bob Baker said. "We just want Smiley to have a life -- a good life."

But the shelter says Smiley is too aggressive. If they let him be adopted, they say they could be held liable if he attacked someone.

On Friday a judge ruled there was no legal reason to prevent Smiley from being euthanized.

"The law has to be followed, and the court denies the preliminary injunction," Judge Vickie Churchill said.

Smiley does have one last hope. The judge signed off on what amounts to a stay of execution, allowing an appeal review or reconsideration by her.

The shelter's director says money they're spending on legal bills could go toward building a new shelter.

"Even the money they're spending on their side could be better spent in saving other animals and toward the future," said Stephen Paysse.

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